Recipe Books don’t materialise out of nowhere you know!

Welcome to post no. 1, readers!

A little preparation has gone into this blog prior to its launch.

I have been a busy person collecting all of my recipes that were floating around and compiling one ENORMOUS cookbook called Rachael’s Recipe Collection (RRC) which Rob, my boyfriend, has mocked for its imaginative title many times over.

You’ve guessed it you smart readers, my name is Rachael and I love cooking. I also love writing, but find it easier to waffle on about cooking than anything else.Mostly ignoring my love for cooking literature, I am currently struggling to write ‘a futuristic thriller set on deathrow’ (that’s the one sentence synopsis, or couldn’t you tell 😉 ) and am restricting my writing about cooking to this blog only.

Anyway, back to my ‘cook’ preparation. I have made a cookbook out of ALL of my recipes.  

 collecting the recipes


 This collection totals about 500. The recipes come from:

  • Suggestions or comments by members of forums (usually Vogue forum!)
  • Searches on recipe databases due to something sparking my interest
  • Photocopies of recipes collected by my mum over the last 30 years. (thank you Weekly Times newspaper and Woman’s Weekly – my mum and I both love you)
  • Recipes collected during on of my ‘foodfads’ (which result in recipes, one following the other, such as: Very Quick Vegetable Curry, Frugal Lentil and Veggie Curry, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Veggie Rice Curry. When I get into something I really get into it!
  • Photocopies out of cookbooks that I have borrowed off people or from the library.
  • Pages surrepticiously torn out of magazines at the doctors (yes I can occasionally be one of the those evil people if I like a recipe enough)
  • Handwritten recipes which even I have trouble reading (Even I cant read my own writing after a week, it’s so awful)

Anyway – the cookbook is ready and in the next week ill be selecting a recipe at random to make. Can’t wait!

The finished cookbook


One Response to Recipe Books don’t materialise out of nowhere you know!

  1. Mel says:

    Hi Rache, love your blog. I’m looking forward to reading those recipes. Mel

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