Fettucine Al Funghi

Rob and I decided to make Fettuchine Al Funghi for dinner on Saturday night. We decided to make our own pasta, so the margharita remained in the cupboard. The pasta making episode turned out to be rather unpleasant with both of us acting like we were pasta making grandmas from
Naples whose expertise was unsurpassed. An argument ensued, with Rob calling me, ‘a real idiot’, and me retorting, ‘whatever, Mr Pasta Expert.’ 

Nonetheless, I stonily finished off pasta after Rob had left the kitchen in a huff.  

After cutting up the mushrooms, onion, and garlic (six cloves, mmm attractive) we sauteed them in butter. Rob had returned by this time; the man hands in the photo aren’t mine!  

We then added three quarters of a bottle of cream and some chopped parsley, and bon appetit!  

It ended up being really nice, home made pasta makes a huge difference. I had used low fat cream which was a mistake, it could have been creamier and didn’t thicken up well – I had to stir in some flour. 7/10


2 Responses to Fettucine Al Funghi

  1. diachedelic says:

    Eh ciao! Your blog looks very promising, I’m looking forward to following it. Nice pics! I’m now hungry.

  2. cookorbook says:

    Thanks! hope I can live up to your expectations 🙂

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