New Anolon Knife block and BBQ (all in one week!)

5 March, 2007

Two things I have been sorely needing are some decent knives and a bbq that doesn’t require excellent fire starting skills and has all its legs firmly attached.

With the lovely offer of a hand me down BBQ from some friends, Rob (grumblingly) and I (gleefully) carted my Webber down through the building to the nature strip. It was a real homecoming for the Webber as I had found it on a nature strip only two streets away a couple of years before. We had only used it three or so times when we were a little drunk and became excited by the thought of collecting kindling from the street to start our own fire.

 Not surprisingly, the Webber was quickly snatched up. Obviously the fact that all the legs fall out when you lift it up didnt deter the lucky person. Ill probably see it on ebay this week!

 Anyway, here is my new BBQ!


Fits on the balcony perfectly!

My new knives get me a little more excited than the BBQ as it is the first time I have owned a knife that cost more than $3.98 ($11.99 for 3 Living with Deborah Hutton Knives). I saw these in Chef’s Hat in South Melbourne over a year ago and fell in love with them. When I happened to find out that Peter’s of Kensington was having a knife block sale, I had a squiz for Rob who has been thinking about buying some knives and low and behold, there they were!

They are now safely in my greedy clutches and I used them for the first time on Saturday night. I also used one to cut a box this morning, which probably wasn’t so good for them.

Now to stop my flatmates putting them in the dishwasher.


Chicken with Asparagus and Peppers

5 March, 2007

Yay for today. It was the first day that had a sense of coolness about it, and it reminded me of all the things I love about winter. We had our PT session this morning and it was COLD when we got there. Once I got home I donned some winterish clothes with great enthusiasm, ready for work.

 It was even a little chilly as I walked out to my car tonight to come home. There’s nothing I love more in this weather than drinking (too much)wine and cooking. Well the drinking wine part needs to be cut down majorly, but I can still cook!

 On Saturday night I stayed in and made a dish from a recipe from, Chicken with Asparagus and Roasted Red Peppers. This recipe basically requires you to poach a chicken breast and vegetables in chicken stock. Once cooked, you sprinkle some vinegar and cheese over the top and voila.

 Well, I didnt have a jar of roasted red peppers, so I used a fresh one and added some pesto. I also threw in some oregano from my balcony garden.

 I was pretty unimpressed with this. Fairly bland, not to mention the fact that I am terrible at poaching chicken breast. It ALWAYS ends up tough! But I ate it anyway and my thighs thanked me.

Personal Training and Healthy Eating

1 March, 2007

Well, Rob and I signed up to start having personal training sessions which started this week. Our sessions are on Mondays at 6AM and Fridays at 7AM. I am NOT a morning person and only agreed to the Monday sesh in a momentary fit of motivation. Suprisingly it felt great getting exercise out of the way in the morning and being free to veg out when I got home.  F**k me, it was so hard though and the first one was only half an hour due to the other half an hour being our first assessment. Tomorrow is our first one hour session and I hope I don’t die or throw up (or both). The reason why I’m waffling about this is that my focus will definitely have to be on healthy food from now on. Not that I’m an unhealthy eater, but I like ‘nice’ food a little bit too often. I have actually cooked a couple of meals for my blog then forgotten to take photos of the finished product (in too much of a hurry to actually eat it). Those meals have been osso bucco and yoghurt chicken (supposed to be like crumbed chicken, but a healthy version). If you are keen to hear about what they were like, Ill cook them again and REMEMBER TO TAKE PICS THIS TIME! I’m not going out tomorrow night so am hoping to cook something for my blog then. Stay tuned!