Ethical Eating – My Metamorphosis

 I havent posted in a while as I have been going through somewhat of a metamorphosis with regards to food and eating. Our PT program completely changed the way I ate. I now eat five times a day, with each meal being a balance of protein and complex carbs plus veggies (sometimes!)

 I’ve really found this method of eating to be amazing. You know those times in the afternoon where a crazy clawing hunger swoops down on you in the space of a minute and suddenly your weak and shaky and when you finally get your hands on some food, you simply dont stop eating until you’ve cleaned out the cupboard? Well I haven’t had a moment like that for about three months. I’m rarely hungry and if I am, I simply eat.

 So this had been working well for me and then I started to read ‘The Ethics of what we Eat’ by Peter Singer and Jim Mason.

This book takes three typical families (a family on an average American diet, a family that mostly follows a healthy/organic diet, and a full vegan family) and traces the path of their food choices from their plate all the way back through the production process.

It analyses the food choices we make and how they measure up ethically – not only with regards to animal suffering, but their effect on the environment, communities, global warming etc.

Anyway, this book has changed the way I look at food forever and needless to say, I will be making some very different choices from now on including:

  • Personal Trainer be damned, I’m going to cut down to eating meat only once or twice a week, and it will be organic and free range. Ill focus on getting most of my complete protein from vegetarian combinations.
  • By organic products where possible (start shopping at Macro and buy only organic products at Coles)
  • Continue to buy my fruit and veg from farmers markets where possible.

Here is a link to information on the book.


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